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Beauty & The Snob is not just a Beauty Blog! It's a lifestyles blogzine about all the latest trends in: BEAUTY, FASHION, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT & TRAVEL. Here, you will find out how to, where to, and even if you can get it at a snip of the original price. Read reviews and articles on London's HOT spot restaraunts, London events, and it's best kept secret locations. There's recipes, DIY articles on making something pretty for yourself, or how to make your own gifts. The blog aims to surprise you, and share something to brighten up your day. ENJOY!

In This Issue: June's Warm Glow





I often get asked about my clothes.....and it inspired me to give a lesson (in shoppping of course) of 'wear to find it'.....



Summer's Glow in a bottle....the one-stop product you need for happy holidays



An Exclusive glimpse at Monnier Frere's Upcoming Season....dripping in diamonds, eye popping colours and the British excellent brands....



After a quick dinner....don't dial for Take-Away....try these magic papers from Maggi.....




If you can't bear to SLIDE into sandals's a solution...and follow this trend with CLARKS! 

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