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Christmas Favourites To Give & Receive (Gift Guide)




Thinking of what is best to give/to receive this Christmas? Well here are a few ideas and some definitely on my hit list & wish list this season....



Giving the gift of clear, healthy skin is a most welcome gift & the ultimate pamper. I love the Dermalogica's 'Favourite Kit' (£30) as it includes 4 of the top-selling travel friendly key products-suitable for all skin conditions. One of the most delicious products in this boxed set is the Daily Microfoliant which unclogs pores in an instant! This box will have that glow effect to anyone you give it to and says: Love, Love, Love! 




Looking for something that is hands free? Well at this time of year we're all looking for something that has 'no strings' attached. Handbag Lisa Lemon has the right idea in these trendy bum/waist bags that have made a definite comeback on the fashion scene. I love this all leather mulberry BELLA (£140) that is not only festive & fun but gives easy access to all the neccessities. 



I know at this time of year when temperatures drop and stress levels rise all I want is a nice hot bath. Therefore, who wouldn't want this bath set from Paul & Joe? This bath set includes three luxurious bath products: bath salts + shower gel + body cream makes this everyday ritual indulgent as eating a box of chocolates! (£42) Choose from two scents (rose/citrus) Best thing about this set is that it gives deep incredible hydration to the skin a gift to truly make one SMILE! 



Everyone loves a little 'teddy bear' even grown-ups to remind them of childhood christmas pasts. Give or put on your wish list this adorable 'Thomas The Bear' Key Charm from Burberry on the list. Models like these with bobby hat or guardsman hat go for £150 while an array of colours are available also in regular teddy bear styles. These bears are super soft and made from 100%'s makes the perfect touch to brighten up any handbag or can truly made a set of keys jingle...

Ultra HD-Naked To The Eye



Love taking selfies? Well then you might have to re-think the foundation behind that, and of course when I say that I mean your base or foundation make-up. How good does your foundation really stand up to the cameras your or others who are taking pictures of you use? There is good news for those of you who have suddenly panicked. Make-up Forever have created a high-definition Ultra HD formula that can stand up and look invisible on 4K cameras and to the naked eye. 


This make-up not just looks but feels like second-skin. There is no residue or oil throughout the day, and the skin is super hydrated and moisturized. For those who are concealer addicts, you'll be glad to know that you can opt out and not use one as this foundation also adjusts and conceals every imperfection- just blend with a brush!. (You might say, it's a bit of a smarty-pants)


There is a full range of colours for all skin tones and types, and at £29 a bottle it's not just a good investment but one of the best this season as the bottle lasts also forever. I find that it's the closest colour match I've ever had in terms of bases. The pro's down at the counter at Debenhams are helpful and know their stuff when helping you choose the colour. I know I've never been disappointed!


If you're thinking of going down that catwalk or just for fashion week, don't be caught without this! Get yours at Debenhams now....

Reverse Time With Resveratrol



Resveratrol found in red grapes (skin) is known for its super anti-aging properties. It not only makes the skin more resilient to external factors like the sun, but can repair and delay the signs of aging. The resveratrol within the skin of the grapes helps it without the harshness of UVA & UVB light from damage.


Many global well-known skincare brands on the market contain resveratrol but sometimes can be rather pricey. This season I've found a whole series of products with resveratrol from DHC at a fraction of the higher market prices, and one that gives the skin a luminescence not to be compared with the others. 


The secret behind DHC's formula is that it boosts your skin's own moisture barrier through moisturizing cereal extracts. I'm in love with the moisture cream as it has a light whipped texture and does not feel heavy on the skin. The smell of the cream is also rather neutral and not full of perfume. There is an iridescence in the cream without it being too shiny (just enough to reflect some light and for others to see a youthful glow radiate). (Cream £43)


I use the essence or serum (£43) with the cream too and have found it an incredible thirst quencher and cushion to my foundation make-up. Again the texture is light, with no fragrance. The first time I used this line I found that my skin detoxified overnight. It appeared brighter and somehow clearer. So if you're thinking of switching your skincare this season, and wanting something more nourishing and that could make that visible difference give this a try. You won't be disappointed. Take the turn and reverse with resveratrol from DHC! 
Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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