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Melissa- Shoe Staple and Fashion's Rubber Duckie

A fashion staple, and something never to be without, when you live in the U.K. or anywhere where it percipitates (rains) more than 80% of the year is the all mighty: welly or rain boot. 


In recent years, I have preferred the shorter version of the classic as they are easier to wear and manoeuver in when I'm out and about town. Not to mention, they are also much more fashionable and complimentary to wear with dresses or skirts for the office. The go-to-brand of choice to go for these boots and who has the most choice in colours and styles is of ocurse, Melissa. 


For those of you who are not familiar with Melissa as a brand it is the pioneer or original jelly/plastic shoes brand from Brazil. They're profile is legendary as they work with top designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, and Gareth Pugh to name a few. 

Another staple that I cannot live without is of course, ballerina shoes or flats. The only issue I have with the shoes is that they do not stand up to the rainy weather we get in London!


So just the other day, a thought entered my mind while it had been raining this summer: What if, I could have my ballerinas in the form of a jelly shoe? It would certainly, be the ultimate solution to my fashion woe. While out and about town, and seeing clients, it is sometimes awkward to be wearing short wellies in the city. So I went to the new flagship store for Melissa in Covent Garden to check it out. 


Lo and behold, I not only found the shoes, but I found them with the pretty ballerina ribbons too! I got the pair in gold because as they get worn through, any surface scratches will show less with this speckled gold style. The ribbons are removable, so I can wear them just as regular plain ballerina flats in the city. Perfect! And while the sales are still on, I got them at a steal at only £29. Melissa aren't just good for the rainy weather though, as they make sandals and heels too which are perfect for beach or a solution to fancy dress/parties. 



Melissa also do the most whimsical and fun designs for children. I got this rhino baby blue pair for my neice Olivia too as she lives in rainy Vancouver, Canada. I've heard down the fashion 4-1-1- that next season they're coming out with children wellies with cute rubber duckies!


So the next time you buy shoes, remember this staple...especially if and hwen you live in a rainy city....onwards rubber duckies!  

Skin Thirsty? All HAIL Skin Boosters!

Beauty Says: During summer's heat it is difficult, if not, almost impossible to retain moisture and hydration levels in the skin. Primarily, due to all the sweating that occurs our skin loses it's balance. What can occur may be unwanted blemishes, clogged pores, and fine lines that could appear from nowhere! I've been finding that using my normal serum, and moisturises to be insufficient. Even hydration masks done on a daily basis may not help. So what do we do? What do we reach out for? 


A beauty secret of the far east, in countries such as Japan and Korea, are skin boosters. They are also known as super serums and are incredibly effective to parched thirsty skin. They also are classified as special treatments, so their timely injection into the skin regime, during high heat or high summer, are necessary to maintain a beautiful complexion.


Here are my top picks for skin boosters from low price point to high.....  



Japanese skincare and make-up experts DHC have an array of skin boosters to choose from. Whether you want to fight blemishes, fine lines, or purely put the hydration back to rejuvanate the skin- they've got it. This season I opted for the extra concentrate skin boosters because they also contain collagen. Not only do they smooth out the fine lines (mainly due to dryness) but also give the smoothest of complexions. They pride themselves behind the science and in a study of those who used this product 92.5% of subjects noticed a difference in their skin within 5 days!


I have been using this product for a good part of 2 weeks and I have to say that it has been a lifesaver. This treatment is especially good for those who do not have time to do skin masks or scrubs. Make-up goes on smoother, and you tend to use less because the skin is so deeply hydrated. You get five mini bottles in a box and each bottle lasts for about 5-7 days. Use as you would with a serum-before the moisturiser. I have also found that when I put my moisturiser on the top it stretches further than with just serum. You will be amazed how soft and plump the skin feels, but overall, the price point will astound you if the performance already does as it comes in at £34. How can you not indulge your skin with this? 



If you want to go to a name you can definitely trust then it has to be Dermalogica, afterall, the brand knows what skin needs- they pride on building their brand on this ethos! I would say their Skin Hydrating Booster is best for skin that is naturally dry. Of course, it would suit all skin types but if your skin peels due to dryness give this a go. The reason it works so well is due to its key ingridients- hyrulonic acid, pathenol, glycolipids, and algae extract. All these ingridients work on soothing and infusing the skin back with moisture it needs. I find also with this product your skin will not drink it unless you need it, so put on a little at a time. If can feel it already absorbed layer on another thing layer. The moisture with this product is impressive because it not only lasts 1 day but up to 3 days to a week! Of course, those who are aware of nasties in skincare can rest assured as there is no fragrance, perfumes or parabens in Dermalogica's products. I would say the price point of this product is medium but worth the investment as you will be taken over by its performance and hail it to be your 999 for any skin emergenices! 



Last but not least is the HOLY GRAIL of skincare La Prairie's Cellular Power Infusion. When this first came out I was skeptical because it came to replace another classic skin treatment they used to have called Caviar Ampoules. However, as always, I quickly took to the wonders these little bottles could do. 


The Cellular Power Infusion claim to reactivate your skin's energy- mainly by detoxifying the skin and supporting skin cell renewal. Now this product is unique because the ingridients in it are fresh as it comes. Each vial has to be activated and once you click them and activate them you have to use them and finish them. You cannot leave the vials and go back to using them as they will not work otherwise. The ingridients in this are rather of course not 'as natural' as others, however, the garuntee is in the cellular complex which is found in all of La Prairie's product lines- 100 nutrients and minerals that go deep to feed the skin. There are 4 vials that should be used over a course of a month. 


I think it's an indulgence worth exploring....but if your bank manager won't authorise the loan for this maybe leave it until you reach a certain age....(psst..comes in at £338)

Glow After Dark With Urban Decay's Summer Collection



Glow in the summer is pretty easy when it is light out. We girl's like to keep it neutral and natural with a bit of BB cream and lip gloss, but what happens after dark? You can keep the 'glow' going with Urban Decay's summer collection. These pieces are more than just colour and can make things less sticky too....check it out....



First up is Ultimate Ozone-Multipurpose Primer Pencil- I've been using this pencil non-stop this summer as it prevents feathering of lipstick and lipgloss. I was most impressed the first time I used it alongside one of the boldest lipglosses in the collection and there was no a smear or bleed in sight! A can't live without and most nifty tool to have in your make-up bag! £ 15



The Revolution High-Color Lipgloss has been one of the most anticipated piece of make-up prior to its launch. It does in fact does more than 'lip service', with its bold colours, high shine, sparkles and long lasting power. My favourite in the collection is Big Bang- a high pigmented fuschia with loads of fine sparkle. It reminds of the Wizard of Oz, but a bit more naughty! The special feature of this gloss is the flat applicator so that you can have it all covered in just 1 coat! £15. 



I am most excited to introduce the AfterGlow 8- Hour- Powder Blush. This blush gives the perfect natural flush effect. You cannot make a mistake with this product as the texture of this product is incredibly lightweight. There are no streaks when you put this on. My favouite is the colour VIDEO as it doubles up as a bronzer/blusher and i don't have to put on 2 products but just the one! £19. 

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

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