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Beauty has many many secrets! And she just loves giving you the 4-11 on all of it. There's no detail that she won't tell you about a brand, how to use it, or where to get it! Come along with her for the Beauty Industries most up-to-date secrets! 

Beauty Does The Washing Up

Beauty Says: Now you might be wondering why I'm talking about washing up the dishes here. Afterall, I'm all about beauty....don't fret as this is indeed all about washing up your face with the newest cleansers I'm recommending this Spring for the freshest approach every morning! 

Face Wash Powder by DHC



I've never used a face wash powder before, so I was eager and keen to try this. To be honest I didn't know what to expect, but I immediately took to it the first time I used it. A coin sized amount of the powder is to be mixed with water- it then foams into a cleanser. I was expecting it to be a bit gritty or scrub-like but I was pleasantly surprised as it became the creamiest and most soothing texture. DHC describes the foam as 'micro-fine lather'. Lovely! 


When washed off with water, the skin felt as if I had cleansed with a foam cleanser and not a cream cleanser at all. There was no residue and the skin felt well-balanced and not taut, stripped or dry.


This product naturally exxfoiliates as it contains protease enzymes-bonding to dull lifeless skin. I also think this product is a winner for the summer months ahead as a definite item to take on holiday. It's also only a snip of what you would expect it to be in price at £9.50 for 50ml....

Tri Active Cleanse by Dermalogica



Those who are actively looking for a brighter tone, and improved texture of the skin should seriously give the Tri Active Cleanse by Dermalogica a try. This formula claims to clarify the skin in triple-action. The Lactic Acid in it lifts dead, dull skin, while the vitamin C helps to brighten up any visible spots/sun damage. Finally the shea butter in it goes to give the skin that intense hydration and moisturised ready and refreshed for the next skin regime step. 


I have trialed this product for well-over a month and I simply love it any time of day. It removes grimy make-up in a snap after a long day while able to give that refreshed feeling as a morning cleanser. Dermalogical does in fact, what it says on the bottle as this cleanser does in fact, prep the skin for other treatments. Over the last weeks I can feel and see a healthy difference in the skin. You don't need a lot of this product so be sure to pump gently to only give half a pump to e mixed with water to foam up. I would describe the texture to be rather neutral-as not too creamy but not like a faom either. (It is somewhere inbetween)


If you are to use one product only this season to give skin a clear out...give this a try! £36.70

Racinne- The Delicare Soothing Cleansing Cream


The key to this cleanser is SQUALENE (comes from olives) that not only naturally protects the skin but also gives super moisturising powers to the mositure barrier of the skin. This cleanser feels and reminds me more of the oil cleansers that turn into milk rather than other cleansing creams. The reaosn being, that although it comes in a cream texture, it goes deep to remove make-up, and has that oily texture. To be clear, it is not greasy though nor does it leave a film on the face. In fact, it leaves the skin rather refreshed and energissed. It also tightens or reduces the look of pores. A fabulous cleanser all around, but also a great recommendation for sensitive skin. 


This cleanser smells of nothing-which is a great indication that it has no perfumes, and nothing to irritate skin. Try this one to be in the CLEAR! 


£ 19.99 Fenwick of Bond Street 


I often get asked anywhere and everywhere I go, as soon as someone discovers that I am a beauty blogger or skin care expert: ‘What is the one product everyone should use? Or worse, ‘What is your favourite product? My answer is firm (like my skin), but fair (also like my skin): You should use what is ‘right’ for your skin and not what is right for mine. Truth lies in my statement because it is a fact that your skin is the largest organ of your body, and what you do to it, such as sun bathing, or other lifestyle choices such as sleeping too late, smoking, drinking, and food choices are none other than your own. These choices, ultimately, affect your skin and hence, needs to be helped or nourished by skincare.


At this point, I want to be clear, that there is no one miracle product on the market. There are those that cover a wide range of skin types, and in general, could benefit most of them, which brings me the topic of this feature: HEALGEL.


I’ve wanted to try this product for quite some time, but never have had the opportunity until of recent late; I was offered a small sample by the company. I saved the precious little vial as I was deciding when would be a good time to use it. One late night I made a terrible decision of putting on some depilatory cream on my upper lip as I had run out of wax strips. The depilatory cream burned my skin and left it raw and dry. Fearing that I had damaged my skin I contemplated which of my moisturisers would sooth and heal this ‘boo boo’. It was then, that the HEALGEL caught my eye and taking a deep breath I smothered it on hoping to put out the fire that had caught ablaze on my face.


The HEALGEL instantly calmed the sore skin, and upon inspecting the area in the morning found it to be rehydrated and not raw. I was dubious that this product could actually do what it said on the bottle. Most of the comments and from what I read about it was that it was a well-balanced moisturiser for day and night, and an advanced formula for the face and neck that counters the visible signs of aging. I am impressed to also find that this HEALGEL for the face has a triple phase hyaluronic acid complex- meaning that it gives an instant firming and plumping effect. It also has a unique blend of omega and seed oils to hydrate and improve elasticity. These oils was what was probably the defining factor in helping to regenerate the skin so fast over night after my accident. (The other factor for the instant cooling of the skin is that HEALGEL is an aquaeous based gel cream.)


So the next time I get asked the unbearable skincare questions, I think I might opt to suggest HEALGEL for the face, as my face does in fact owe it more than just praise for being a skin care wonder indeed! All hail HEALGEL!


For HEALGEL face £48, or other HEALGEL products for face and body go to





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